The 'Jersey Shore' Crew Reunites For A Very 'Snooki & JWOWW' Surprise Party [Sneak Peek]


Sure, Snooki has an evil plan to repay JWOWW for that horrific Cancun trip, but in the meantime, the new mom is more concerned with doling out happy surprises. Much like Jenni did for her "Jersey Shorebaby shower, Nicole organizes a party to celebrate Jenni and Roger's engagement in this "Snooki & JWOWWsneak peek of tonight's finale, and the couple is genuinely touched by the effort.

To a chorus of cheers and Pauly D screaming "DON'T DO IT!", Jenni and Rog are stunned when they walk into a shindig dedicated to their upcoming nuptials. "I can't believe all you guys are here, man," Roger says as he bro-hugs Ronnie. We can! Look, the "Shore" crew has been through a lot together, but they're family. And family always shows up for one another -- especially when there's an excuse to pop some bottles. However, there is one, washboard ab-sized hole at the bash. Where's Mike? Hmm...

Don't miss the "Snooki & JWOWW" finale tonight, at 10/9c!

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