Guess Which Former Boy-Bander Took Danielle Fishel To Prom! [Photo]


Danielle Fishel and Lance Bass are picture perfect before prom.

Between squashing rumors of a showmance with "Boy/Girl Meets World" co-star Ben Savage (so much for that real-life Cory and Topanga fantasy...) and sharing news of her engagement, we'd say we're pretty well versed on the topic of Danielle Fishel's love life. However, we were genuinely surprised to find out the real reason she never stole her TV hubby's heart way back when: She was too busy getting cozy with a certain 'NSYNC star!

Yesterday, the 90s teen queen posted the most fabulous old-school prom photo ever (satin platform sandals, how we've missed you!) of herself and her high school squeeze, Lance Fricken' Bass, who joined her on Twitter to reminisce about their puppy love. "A lot of people in disbelief that @LanceBass and I went to prom together. He asked me with 12 roses and a cute note! #awesomedate," she shared. So sweet! "Gotta love my platinum hair and oversized tux!" Lance responded.

These days, the two are JUST friends (with Bass batting for the other team and all) but back then, they definitely would've had our vote for prom king and queen -- especially if he used his boy-band powers to woo her with the 'NSYNC classic below. (Which, in our minds, he totally did.)

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Photo: @DanielleFishel