'Teen Mom 2' Bonus Scene: Newlyweds Jeremy And Leah Discuss Buying A Home [Video]


We have a feeling Leah's been watching a lot of "I Love Lucy" lately, because in this "Teen Mom 2" bonus scene from Monday night's episode, the new bride greets her doting hubby with an enthused "Honey, I'm home!!!" that would make Ricky Ricardo proud.

Now that they're legally married, Leah and Jeremy's life as a committed couple can really start. The two are moving forward, full steam ahead, with serious talk of buying their first home together! All of the love triangle drama with Corey seems to have subsided, which means they can now focus on their future as a single family unit. "I never expect good to come out of my life," Leah tells Jeremy, in disbelief that she's finally happy. "So much bad has happened...and this is good, so when good things happen, I'm like, 'Is this really happening to me?'" Oh, it's happening, Leah -- enjoy it!

Not everyone's able to make a fresh start as cleanly as Leah's recently managed, but all signs point to pleasant skies on the horizon.

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