'Snooki & JWOWW' Poll: Was Jionni Being Too Hard On Snooki?


Hoo boy, we haven't been this scared for Snionni since that whole koo-kah incident in Italy.

Sure, when Snooki gets schwastey faced she can be a little, er, free with her actions, but as of late, her benders have been virtually non-existent thanks to little Lorenzo. And then Girls' Night Out happened.

It isn't necessarily a crime to make up for lost time, but when doing Sake Bombs and vodka shots ALL NIGHT LONG leads to making out with your best friend...and another best friend...and her best friend, it's possible the father of your child might get a little peeved. Yet although Snooks expected Jionni to be judgmental when she fessed up about her tryst via text, she definitely wasn't prepared for his resulting freak-out. Jionni called her a coward, a horrible mom and an equally bad fiancée, and demanded that she stay far away from him. Yee-ouch.

+ Nicole may have appeared to be auditioning for Guidettes Gone Wild, but her black-out behavior is a rare occurrence nowadays. So, were Jionni's biting comments out of line? Vote in our poll, and see how their fight plays out on tonight's "Snooki & JWOWW" season finale at 10/9c!

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