Another Physical Altercation Ends An Engagement On 'Teen Mom 2' [Video]


Just as quickly as Jenelle got engaged during tonight's first episode of "Teen Mom 2," a physical altercation with her fiancé caused her to call things off during the second, effectively ending her brief relationship with Gary. While his proposal originally put Jenelle on Cloud 9 (see Gary pop the question in the video below), the honeymoon phase proved to be nothing more than a fleeting high, with the couple's story ending in violence and heartbreak.

Kicking Gary out of her house at the start of Season 4 seemed to foreshadow tonight's events, and Jenelle's retelling of her boyfriend's alleged abuse was nothing short of jarring. She graphically described being choked and beaten, likening her pain to "being thrown down a flight of stairs." The fight landed both parties in jail, and to complicate matters even more, Jenelle turned to her ex, Kieffer, with whom she shared a similarly violent history, after realizing the seriousness of her situation. Let's hope Barbara is still willing to be there for her daughter.

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