Mac Miller Lands The 'Most Dope' Las Vegas Birthday Suite Ever [Sneak Peek]


It's sad, but true: The sixth and final "Most Dope" episode airs tomorrow night, and we're just not ready to let go! However, it sure isn't rapper code to get all misty-eyed, so rather than pout, let's celebrate by watching this sneak peek of the season finale, where the gang preps for Mac Miller's epic 21st birthday bash. Now that's DOPE!

"Ohhh, s**t!" Mac says when he first walks into his luxurious Las Vegas suite. Oh s**t is right! The gorgeous pad contains a personal pool, a full bar (complete with busty bartender) and a sculpture that doubles as a jungle gym. Not bad, Mr. Miller! And as if all that isn't enough, the giant king bachelor bed Mac stumbles upon in the master bedroom sets him over the edge of happiness. "That'll do!" the artist says, as he tests the waters by flopping up and down on them -- you know, in case he plans on getting lucky somewhere other than the blackjack table. That'll do, indeed.

Don't miss the "Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family" SEASON FINALE, Tuesday night at 11:30/10:30c on MTV2!

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