Coral's Back! The 'Real World' Favorite Will Host This Season's After Show


Coral Smith during her "Real World: Back to New York" days.

We're tempted to write this whole damn post in all-CAPS -- we're that excited -- but in the interest of aesthetics, we'll limit our screaming to just one sentence...with lots of exclamation points. Here goes:


This is not an April Fools' joke (that would just be plain rude!) -- MTV has indeed recruited one of the most popular "Real World"/"Challenge" cast members of all time to conversate with the likes of Jordan, Averey and Johnny about their stay in the Portland house, and with any luck, the show will play out a little something like this:

The Miz? Does she still eat bitches for breakfast? It's been way too long since the hellcat's graced our TV screens, and WE'RE DYING OVER HERE WAITING FOR IT TO HAPPEN. (Okay, two sentences. Whatever.)

+ Tell us what you think of Coral's return, stay tuned to MTV for her hosting debut and GET YOURSELF PUMPED (too soon?) by watching this mighty memorable "Challenge" elimination round: when Coral and Beth went head to head on "The Gauntlet III."

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Photo: Jason Campbell