Which 'Show With Vinny' Guest Has The Guadagnino Gals Scrambling To Look Hot? [Photo]


Who's the guest that has the Guadagnino girls frantically primping?

Any woman who can rear a "Jersey Shore" cast member and live to tell the tale must be one cool customer, but in this photo Vinny recently tweeted from his Staten Island home, Mrs. Guadagnino seems -- for the first time since we met her in Seaside Heights -- CRAZED! The benevolent mother and her daughters, who will soon appear on "The Show With Vinny," are rushing to apply some last minute touch-ups in anticipation of a mystery guest, but who could it be?

"One mirror, three women. My next guest has these three getting dolled up!" Vin posted along with the pic. If Mrs. Guadagnino is this hot and bothered, perhaps it's a distinguished movie star (Brad Pitt? George Clooney?) that her son's invited over for his latest MTV project. Or maybe she, like her daughters, have caught Channing Tatum-fever? One person we're sure it's not: Uncle Nino. If that were the case, the trio would be dressed in head-to-toe sweats.

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Photo courtesy of @VinnyGuadagnino