Watch The Final, UNCENSORED Season Of 'Jersey Shore' On DVD


Get out your grenade whistles, because the DVDs are heeeeeeeeah! That's right, Season 6 of "Jersey Shore" has finalllllly arrived, which means all of your favorite cast antics -- from Paula's cake prank to the Meatball Olympics -- are now available for your viewing pleasure.

After getting crunk in three cities over the years, the "Jersey Shore" gang returned to Seaside Heights for their swan song, and you can relive the magic of their last season with the DVD, currently being sold at the MTV Shop. It includes all 13 episodes, a s**t ton of specials (including "Most Outrageous Moments," "Gym, Tan, Lookback," "Breakdowns, Boobs & Bronzer" and the reunion and "After Hours" specials), as well as deleted scenes. The best part? It's all uncensored, so you can watch Sammi and Ronnie's epic fight without the interruption of those pesky bleeps. SAMRON, WE MISS YOU!!!

Next steps:

1. Pick up your DVD.

2. Pour yourself a glass of Ron-Ron Juice.

3. Sit back.

4. Enjoy the show!

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