That's What You Said...About Snooki's Delivery Room Beauty Advice

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Sure, meeting one's child for the first time is a beautiful thing, but ask any mother and she'll tell you the physical act of delivery is a nightmare. And while there's no way to completely circumvent the discomfort of labor (an epidural only goes so far...), new mom Snooki says there's no harm in looking your best while going through hell. Her recent video advice to mom-to-be Kim Kardashian included everything from how to choose the best makeup pallet to the potential for a Dolce & Gabana Johnny, and fans responded to the tips en masse!

Collected below are some comments left across Remote Control and Facebook, most of which praise Nicole for her sense of humor, but many from expectant mothers that definitely took the lesson to heart. Read 'em over, and if you haven't already, check out Snooki's latest Celebaby Report below!

Remote Control:

"Good tips! She is so funny! I wish I looked fab when I gave birth, but no, I looked like a hot mess!" -- Redondo_girl

"You're too funny, Snooks! But agreed, it's always nice to look beautiful when you're going to be pushing." -- Isaias

"I love you, Snooki, but I have two kids, and other than me shaving down there and having my toes done, I could have cared less what I looked like while in labor. Way too much pain to worry about anything other than hurting LOL." -- Stephanie


"LOL great tips, Snooki -- going to definitely use the pedicure one before I go into labor...which should be any day." -- Karli B.

"It is always nice to have something to do if you're just sitting there dilating!" -- Megan C.

"She cracks me up. Also: Wear a scarf, 'cause your going to be bloated and have so many double chins." -- Brittany M.

"I wish I had put a tiny bit of makeup on because I looked like crap giving birth to my daughter." -- Alina O.

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