Vinny Says The Guadagninos Are Completely Genuine On 'The Show With Vinny' [Video]


The Guadagninos gather 'round the table for a family dinner.

We'll soon get a glimpse into the Guadagnino clan's Staten Island home when "The Show With Vinny" premieres, but don't expect them to nix their Sunday dinners or sibling squabbles just because there are cameras around. These gabby Italians are not trying to "Keep Up With the Kardashians," and in the interview clip below, Vinny confirms how the Guadagninos plan to put the REAL back into reality TV. "They really don't give a s**t," he says.

On "Jersey Shore," Mama G knew the way to the housemates' hearts was through their stomachs, and according to Vin, she's spoiling the MTV crew as badly. "My mother just walks by the cameraman and, like, feeds him a sandwich...'cause that's what she would normally do, anyway," Vinny says. "They don't care what people think about them, and they're funny!" he adds. Don't believe him? Perhaps you should revisit the trailer to see how Uncle Nino's antics make Weezy double over with laughter. They're not just funny, they're hilarious.

Don't miss the series premiere of "The Show With Vinny" Thursday, May 2, at 10/9c on MTV!

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Photo: @vinnyguadagnino