Ke$ha On Her 'Crazy Beautiful Life': 'This Is The Only Thing I Was Put On Earth To Do' [Trailer]


As international pop sensation Ke$ha once famously mused, "We R Who We R." But who is she, exactly? We'll soon find out what lies beneath the jewel-laced makeup and offstage antics when her upcoming docu-series, "My Crazy Beautiful Life," premieres in April, and in the trailer for the series below, you'll see a lot of nerves, plenty of laughs and one big, fat middle finger directed at every hater who has ever doubted the glitter queen. Ke$ha might be a sensitive soul, but make no mistake -- if you do her wrong, she's coming after you.

"This is the only thing I was put on earth to do," Ke$ha says in the preview of the show, which was shot by her brother, Lagan Sebert, over the course of two years. From coping with scathing reviews to getting her head shaved, there isn't a dull moment, and Ke$ha puts every bit of shimmery minutia on display. Plus, you'll totally get to see her stalk her ex-boyfriend. Celebrities: They're just like us!

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