Ashley, Katie And Anna Stay True To Their 'BUCKWILD' Selves With A Roll In The Mud [Photos]


Katie puts on her best "tough girl" face post-mud wrestlin'. 

There's no definite word on when "BUCKWILDSeason 2 will roll around, but thankfully, some of our favorite West Virginia gal pals posted a few pics to ease our loneliness, and assure us that they're keeping things young, wild and free in the off-season. Yesterday, Katie shared the photo above on Twitter with the simple caption, "Mud wrestling!" The aftermath is apparent all over her clothes -- we sure hope she laid down some garbage bags before hopping into her car. Isn't she supposed to be the prissy one?!

Ashley and Anna got decidedly more creative with their post-mud wrestling picture, and wore some leaf-lined mud masks. Hey, if you're gonna get dirty, you might as well take advantage of the earth's natural exfoliants.


Ashley and Anna model the Sissonville mud mask.

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Photos: Katie's and Ashley's Instagram accounts.