Jordan And Jessica Break Down The 'Real World: Portland' Butt-Ranking Incident [Video]


And we're off! Tonight's "Real World: Portland" premiere already brought the inter-roommate drams when Marlon casually let it slip that the guys had ranked the house's lady-booty, which resulted in Anastasia flipping the fudge out. She couldn't believe that the boys, who were supposed to be her new besties, would stoop to such a misogynistic level. And while most of the group thought the ranking game was no biggie, the whole thing left Ana in tears.

In the "Real World: After Show" clip below,  Jordan reveals a different side to the butt-ranking story, and tells Jessica his theory on the real reason Ana was so offended.

"I had nothing to do with the ranking!" Jordan makes very clear before launching into his theory. Apparently, Anastasia begged the boys to share how they ordered the ass-attractiveness, and when she found out she wasn't first (or second), Jordan claims that's what set her off. Jessica tries to defend Anastasia, saying that her reaction stemmed from her general sensitivity and desire to be accepted by the group. Jess, on the other hand, says she barely blinked over the list. "I don't give a crap what y'all think." We'll find out soon enough if Jessica walks the walk...

+ Check out the after show video, and tell us your reaction to the butt-ranking incident!

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