'Sterek' Wins E! Online's Fantasy TV Couples Bracket By A Landslide! [Gifs]


Every MTV show has its own fan nation, but out of all of them, the "Teen Wolf" contingent is hands-down the most intense -- specifically the subset that can be heard on many occasion howling at moon, "WE WANT STEREK!" While the likelihood of ever witnessing sexytime between Derek/Stiles is pretty slim, that never stops you guys from shipping the hell out of the two hunky characters, and now, all of that pluck has paid off! Sterek was just crowned the winner of E! Online's Fantasy TV Couples bracket, beating out the competition by a very, very long shot. Never mess with the "Wolf," "Rizzoli and Isles."

We asked Rae Votta, a writer at our sister site, VH1.com, and verifiable Sterek expert (a Stexpert, if you will), to chime in on the phenomenon, and she had this to say: "Sterek is the perfect storm of fandom shipping -- two totally attractive guys, that tension-filled canon relationship where they sort of hate each other but clearly care, and you've got supernatural elements clouding their ability to truly ever be together. It's a wonder Sterek and a legion of young women don't take over the entire world." Votta, who has her Masters in Linguistics with a focus on fan communities and culture, certainly knows her stuff, eh?

Even Executive Producer Jeff Davis doesn't deny the force Sterek brings to the table. "I continue to be amazed at the tenacity of Sterek fans to not only win these online polls but literally throttle the competition," he tells E! Online. "I think Tyler [Hoechlin] and Dylan [O'Brien] will be very proud to know that the characters they helped create have inspired so much dedication and love. Congrats to the Stereks!"

In honor of this impressive achievement, we at Remote Control think the fans deserve a special token of appreciation. Please allow us to present a gif wall chock full of Sterek goodness, including one brand new image straight from the captain of our "Teen Wolf " Tumblr ship! Have at it, guys...



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All gifs courtesy of the wonderful #Sterek fans on Tumblr.