Chelsea Practices Her Hairstyling Skills On Little Aubree In 'Teen Mom 2' [Bonus Scene]


Chelsea finally got a chance to test her beauty school talents on a living, breathing person during last night's "Teen Mom 2," and she totally nailed it! A good education will get you everywhere, friends, and Chelsea's dream of becoming a hairstylist is bound to come true, as long as she keeps practicing.

In this bonus scene from the episode, the young mother takes on her most challenging client yet: her own daughter. But, while toddlers are known to get squirrely while having to sit still, little Aubree handles the cut like an ol' pro.

"If you're good, after this you can have ice cream!" Chelsea tells Aubs, bribing her into being the perfect mannequin during the trim. If there's one thing Aubs lurvvvves to snack on, it's frozen sweets, so the salon appointment goes swimmingly. From squirt bottles to fancy hair clips, the kiddo's far too entranced with all of her mama's styling tools to misbehave, anyway. Now where's that ice cream...

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