Mac Miller Explains His Three Alter Egos: Larry, Larry And Larry [Bonus Scene]


We finally met the infamous Larry Lovestein on tonight's "Mac Miller And The Most Dope Family," and despite ItsTheReal being thrown off by his eccentricities, we were really into the alter ego's romantic disposition. In this bonus sceneMac dives deeper into what makes Lovestein tick, and introduces us to even more members of his consciousness -- all of whom are named Larry.

"The Larrys are basically how I can express myself," Mac tells Quentin. "They're just...friends of mine that represent parts of me." Mac's imagination never ceases to amaze, and naturally, each Larry has an intricate back story. We learn that Larry Fisherman, the soulful singer who released Run-On Sentences. Volume One, is "the quiet type." Apparently, he was a commercial fisherman who couldn't hack it in the sushi biz, so he had to turn to music to make ends meet. And then there's Larry Dollaz, who Mac doesn't get to see too often, BECAUSE HE'S IN JAIL.

"I'm different people at the same time...I hope [people] accept the other side of me," the MTV2 star says. Don't worry, Mac. We love...all four of you.

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