Share Your Reactions To Kailyn And Javi's Physical Fight On 'Teen Mom 2'


"Teen Mom 2" took a very serious turn on tonight's episode when a seemingly trivial argument between Kailyn and Javi escalated into physical violence. The intense fight led the couple to break up, but it was only temporary -- Javi forgave Kail pretty quickly, in fact, and within a few days the relationship was back in full swing.

It's a testament to both Kail and Javi's maturity and commitment to each other that they were able to talk out their issues, admit their faults and promise to work on their communication, but what happened between them was not something to take lightly. Kail's temper won't go away overnight, and though she's vowed to follow through with her anger management classes with Jo, Javi may need to be a part of the process, too.

+ What was your reaction to Kail and Javi's fight? Sound off in the comments, and check out MTV Act for information on physical violence in relationships.

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