Andrew Jenks Warns Justin Bieber Could Ruin Chad's Shot At True Love [Video]


After Chad successfully delivered the graduation speech he'd pored over during tonight's "World Of Jenks" and ceremoniously shifted his tassel from right to left, the guy was on a natural high. At 21, his high school commencement was a long time coming, but in the video below, Andrew Jenks warns of choppy waters ahead for the autistic geography buff. In fact, Andrew teases future battles for all three of his subjects, including one involving a particularly famous pop star.

"[Chad and Amanda] almost break up over [Amanda's] infatuation with Justin Bieber, which is, like, a big issue," Jenks says. (Hey, "Boyfriend" is a pretty good song...we can't hold that against her.) And though Kaylin is in remission for now, Jenks tells us there are health scares to come for the aspiring fashion designer, who gave up everything to move to New York City. As for D-Real, who was reduced to tears tonight after Oakland's rough streets left him with another dead family member, dance battles will help him fight for his neighborhood, in spite of ever-present danger. "The violence in Oakland is...something different to watch. It was something new for me to experience," Jenks says. Sounds like there's some heavy stuff on the horizon, folks.

+ Check out the clip, and tell us whose story is keeping you hooked this season!

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