Who Was Snooki's 'Real World' Crush? [Video]


In terms of Snooki's type, we thought we had the guidette pegged, but apparently, she isn't exclusively attracted to muscly Italians from New Jersey. Sometimes, they're from Chicago. In the video below, Snooks reveals her "Real World" crush to be none other than Brad Fiorenza from the San Diego season! In fact, the Chicaguido, who was arrested for disorderly conduct on the show, was her teenage fantasy.

"My ultimate 'Real World' crush was probably Brad, because he was hot, he was buff...he was just my dream boy growing up," Nicole says in the RetroMTV marathon clip. Uh-oh, cover your ears, Tori Fiorenza! (If you'll recall, Brad and Tori met on "Gauntlet III," and eventually married. Think Lorenzo would make a good playmate for the "Challenge" champs' own Baby John?)

+ Take a look at Snooki's admission, and if you missed any of this weekend's massive marathon, head over to iTunes to download some of your favorite "Real World" episodes!

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Photo: Ian Spanier