Snooki Vows To Drag JWOWW's Ass Back To Cancun Once She's Pregnant [Video]


According to Hammurabi's Code, an eye for an eye is justice, but when it comes to "Snooki & JWOWW," it's more like a pregnant Spring Break trip for a pregnant Spring Break trip. Small talk of marriage and babies starts off harmless enough in the Dailies clip below, but when their Season 1 Cancun trip is mentioned, Nicole drops a massive threat on her best friend: The minute JWOWW becomes pregnant, Jenni will finally understand the hell Snooks went through during their girls-only vacation.

The newly engaged JWOWW says she wants to wait until her wedding is over before even considering kids, but Nicole promises that as soon as Jenni turns up a positive EPT, it's party time. "I'm not going to Vegas and doing all that being pregnant," Jenni claims. "That'd be a billion times worse than doing Cancun--"

"Which I'm bringing you when you're pregnant, on Spring Break," Snooki vows, cutting her off. "I'm making you go to clubs." Vacation has never been more vindictive.

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