Snooki Vows To Drag JWOWW’s Ass Back To Cancun Once She’s Pregnant [Video]

According to Hammurabi’s Code, an eye for an eye is justice, but when it comes to “Snooki & JWOWW,” it’s more like a pregnant Spring Break trip for a pregnant Spring Break trip. Small talk of marriage and babies starts off harmless enough in the Dailies clip below, but when their Season 1 Cancun trip is mentioned, Nicole drops a massive threat on her best friend: The minute JWOWW becomes pregnant, Jenni will finally understand the hell Snooks went through during their girls-only vacation.

The newly engaged JWOWW says she wants to wait until her wedding is over before even considering kids, but Nicole promises that as soon as Jenni turns up a positive EPT, it’s party time. “I’m not going to Vegas and doing all that being pregnant,” Jenni claims. “That’d be a billion times worse than doing Cancun–”

“Which I’m bringing you when you’re pregnant, on Spring Break,” Snooki vows, cutting her off. “I’m making you go to clubs.” Vacation has never been more vindictive.

+ Check out the video, and tune in to an all-new “Snooki & JWOWW” Tuesday night at 10/9c!

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