Five Of The Greatest Girls' Nights Out In MTV History [Video]


High-pitched giggles, butt-to-crotch dancing and post-sushi/Sake Bomb nausea are all integral parts of a successful Girls' Night Out, as we saw on last week's episode of "Snooki & JWOWW," and though the ladies were surely hurting the next morning, they seemed to have a damn good time on the town together. It got us thinking: What are the wildest, woolliest females-only field trips in MTV history?

We spent a day digging through the archives to find the answer, and landed upon five memorable chick outings that set a high party standard. Beginning with Snooki and Jenni's recent debauchery, here are five of our favorites.

"I'M A MOM!"

"I don't wanna do any shots. Maybe, like, one," said Snooki mere hours before drunkenly making out with her friends. Snooks was on a mission to make up for the 10 months of party time she lost during her pregnancy, and her crew didn't waste a second welcoming her back to the dark side. The girls were all pretty lit before they actually reached the club -- poor Nina didn't even make it inside after spewing raw tuna chunks all over Ryder -- and the meatballs were in total blackout mode. In the words of JWOWW, the entire night was like "a guidette sorority house." Sure, if you swap pillow fights for shots of Patrón!

No Boys Allowed...For a Reason

It's called Girls' Night Out -- not Girls, My Ex, My Crush And The Random Bro At The Bar's Night Out. When it's a ladies-only outing, dudes just add drama, as evidenced on "The Hills." While on "relationship vacation," Heidi, Audrina and Stephanie headed to S Bar, where the meddling Spencer showed up and went all SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! on a couple of randoms. Despite his attempt to spoil their evening, however, the friends had a mighty fine time.

The Ladies' Room Always Has Long Lines

The downside of GNO? Bathroom lines. Tamara learned it the hard way on "Awkward" when she and Ming went as dates to the annual Black Hearts Party, and T pretty much wet herself. Good times! Even JWOWW will tell ya that it's not an epic night out unless you've peed yourself.

In 'Da Club

When Carly let it slip to her "Inbetweeners" buddies that she had a GNO planned, the boys jumped at the chance to invite themselves. (Um, didn't we already say, no boys allowed?) This meant dancing with a guy who smelled like bum pee and shooing off a self-proclaimed licensed busherman. (Okayyyy, maybe the night wasn't so fun for her, but we were definitely entertained!)

Meatballs' Day Out

Day or night, it doesn't matter when you're a meatball. Deena and Nicole hosted the first-ever Meatball Auditions at the Jersey Shore, where they rallied up some of the most daring ladies in Seaside for a slew of SoCo and lime shots and overall public rowdiness. For a hot minute, we were bummed we weren't there to try out.

+ Reminisce about any big MTV GNOs we missed in the comments, and tune in to tonight's all-new "Snooki & JWOWW" at 10/9c to see the ramifications of the girls' sloshed shenanigans!

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