From Racial Tension To Secret Love, Here Are The Most Groundbreaking 'Real World' Moments [Video]


Sharing a new space with new people will lead to the occasional missing yogurt, but every once in a while, some seriously jaw-dropping drama comes into play, too. While conventional wisdom tells us "the more, the merrier," the strangers in every "Real World" house seem to amplify the madness, mayhem and emotion that comes from living with other people.

With help from "Real World: Denver" housemate Brooke, we cover some of the most intense moments the show's ever seen in the "Groundbreaking Moments" playlist below. Things got off to a dramatic start from the very first season in "New York," where racial tensions ran high between Julie and Kevin, and then there was the potent mix of Ruthie, alcohol and an ambulance in "Hawaii." In "New Orleans," it was certainly a sign of the times that Danny's sweet military boyfriend couldn't show his face on camera, and when "Brooklyn" roommate Katelynn opened up that she was a male-to-female transgender, JD was all ears. Combined, all of these moments made you want to stand up and cheer...or throw something at your TV.

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