MTV Twitter Roundup: Deena Cortese Dresses Up Her Pup In A Lovely Springtime Dress

Cali Cortese's mouth might not be in great shape, but at least she's got one hell of fashion sense to compensate for those missing teeth! Though spring in the Northeast still feels like winter (what gives, Mother Nature?!), Deena Nicole Cortese moved forward anyway with a light and breezy frock for her dog, and we have to admit, the look is quite FETCHING (yeah, we said it...).

Elsewhere in the MTV Twitterverse, Molly Tarlov of "Awkward" tried to stay strong in the face of troubling soft drink times, while Sara Schaefer wouldn't go down without a fight when it came to New York City's proposed large soda ban. And while Snooki's internal debate over new boobs rages on, Katie of "The Challenge" got a flurry of good news when her brother returned home from overseas.

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