That's What You Said...About Leah Calvert's New Baby Girl

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After suffering a miscarriage in 2012, Leah Calvert of "Teen Mom 2" understandably lost some hope that her two adorable twins would see a little sibling anytime soon. Luckily, her faith in a growing family was renewed with another pregnancy, and recently, she and her brood celebrated the addition of a baby very poignantly named Adalynn Faith. "She was just so beautiful," Leah told Us Weekly about Adalynn's birth on February 4.

As Leah's journey through marriage and motherhood has been an emotional one, "TM2" viewers had a ton to say about the first family photo featuring Adalynn. Check out your comments on Remote Control and Facebook, and tell us what you think of the "aww"-inducing portrait.

Remote Control:

"She is the cutest little thing, and I LOVE her name! Adalynn Faith is just so different and unique." -- Missy

"'Leah, I'm so glad that you are happy. After everything you have been through, you deserve it." -- Tiffany

"Very precious baby. Ali and Aleeah, you get to be big sissys! Teach her right." -- Kim


"I love the family photo. You guys are so cute and the children are absolutely breathtaking." -- Kelly V.

"Congratulations, Leah. You have a beautiful little family, your wish finally happened." -- Paige B.

"I am happy for you, Leah. Take care of your family and your three cutie babies." -- Sulema C.

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Photo courtesy of US Weekly