Does Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Have What It Takes To Be A Professional Actor? [Video]


Carrie Keagan and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro sample some Smush Cocktails.

We're still kinda miffed about "Dancing With The Stars" totally snubbing our beloved Deena Cortese. However, we're not going to let one HUGE MISTAKE render us completely jaded, because another former "Jersey Shore" castie has his eyes set on a future in showbiz, and we're behind him 100 percent.

This morning, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro visited Vh1's "Big Morning Buzz Live," and told host Carrie Keagan about his silver screen aspirations. "Right now I'm pursuing my acting career," Ronnie says in the video clip below. "I was in that house thinking, 'What's next?' Like, you know, I can't get drunk on TV for the rest of my life!" he jokes of how he decided to pursue a thespian path. Ron's obviously just getting his feet wet, but the domesticated guido has had a few notable gigs recently. Not only is he shooting a number of promos for MTV, he appeared in "Three Stooges," a start.

+ What do you think? Does Ronnie have what it takes to make it in Tinsel Town? Watch the interview and vote in our poll!

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Photo: @vh1