Rider Strong And Will Friedle Swing By The 'Girl Meets World' Set [Photos]


Part of the "Boy Meets World" extended family. 

Yesterday we reported that "Girl Meets World" officially started shooting, and apparently, the exciting news traveled fast! Two former "Boy Meets World" cast members made their way to the new set at Disney Studios to mingle with the newbies, taking time to pose for pics with the lucky girls picked to follow in their footsteps. Please say this means Rider Strong changed his mind about doing a cameo!

Strong, along with Will Friedle, stopped by to show support for the spin-off, even though there's been no official word on either an Eric Matthews or Shawn Hunter reprisal (update. needed. ASAP!). Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter, cast as Riley Matthews and Maya Fox, respectively, went into full fan-girl mode, sharing candids with their social media followers: "Rider Strong and Will Friedle visited us! OH MY GOSH," Rowan tweeted. And Sabrina stole an opportunity to cozy up to the man who inspired her character, saying, "Shawn and now Maya :) What an honor to meet you Mr. @RiderStrong." Wonder if Rider gave her pointers on how to rock a leather jacket?


Rider Strong and his female counterpart, Sabrina Carpenter.

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Photos: @RowanBlanchard and @SabrinaAnnLynn