Behind The Scenes Of Danielle Fishel's Maxim Photo Shoot [Video]


The Internet was set on fi-yah the minute Danielle Fishel's sizzling Maxim magazine spread went live, but if you haven't had a chance to pick up the issue yet, we've got a lil' something to satiate your thirst: a behind-the-scenes video featuring the curvaceous beauty, straight from the photo shoot set. To quote "Awkward"'s Sadie Saxton, "You're welcome."

The video below brings the April cover story to life, reveals some smokin' new shots of grown-up Topanga and lets us hear, firsthand, how Danielle felt about showing cleave. "Maxim is really the only magazine that I would ever have posed for like this," she says. "It's definitely a lot sexier than I've ever been." Pssh. Says the girl every teenage boy in America fantasized about in the 90s.

Now, gentlemen, if you manage to stop ogling the footage for a second, you may actually hear some decent "Guy Code"-worthy tips from the TV mom. "My advice for...a Maxim guy who's looking to meet a girl, would be to just be very genuine and honest," she says. Everybody taking notes?

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