Kailyn Hits Her Breaking Point On 'Teen Mom 2' [Sneak Peek]


Moving in with a significant other is an exciting milestone in a relationship, but once the realization sets in that living with your BF/GF means having to compromise, often claustrophobia has a way of creeping in. And that's what seems to set the stage for the horrific fight between new roomies Kailyn and Javi in this sneak peek of the next "Teen Mom 2."

It begins like a typical spat about whose turn it is to do what: "The dogs need to go outside, because I have friends coming over and I just cleaned," Kail tells her beau in the clip below. But Javi resists, saying, "They keep getting out because there's a hole in the fence." And then things escalate to a much more intense level.

When Kail's friends arrive, Bear gets riled up and bumps into Isaac's play date so hard that she starts crying, which sends Kail into a tailspin. "There's two babies downstairs and the dogs are knocking them over!" she screams at Javi. When Javi won't back down, Kail shoves his face in protest -- an action that leads to something closely resembling a breakup. Take a look:

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