World Video Premiere: 'Backstage Quickie With Nikki'


Buckle up, bitches! Because I'm about to give you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of "Nikki & Sara LIVE" in my new blog series, "Backstage Quickie with Nikki."

Ever wonder what really happens in the writer's room? How Sara and I spend our downtime on show days? How we recreated our own red carpet mani-cam or who dressed us in these amazing suits and ties in honor of our beloved JT?

I'll give you the inside scoop on where we get our ideas for the show and introduce you to the producers and crew who help transform those concepts into a live late night comedy show. It's sort of like my very own reality show! (Finally, I can stop begging the Duggars to adopt me…)

In my first "Backstage Quickie," I show you the evolution of a joke -- from the pitch, through actual production and, finally, to how it fits into that night's show. It's a science, really. A science that involves throwing an old TV out of a window...kind of. You'll see.

Thanks for watching!



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