Meet Marlon, 'Real World: Portland''s Resident Nia Whisperer [Video]


In just six days, we'll finally get to take a long, hard look at the "Real World: Portland" cast, but to recap what we've learned from them so far: There will be blood. After Hurricane Nia blows into town, all house bets will be off, but although it appears she and Jordan are on a runaway train to hell, there does seem to be one person who's in her corner, and who understands her particular brand of pot-stirring: Marlon.

"[Nia's] not necessarily drama, but she rides," the Lubbock, Texas, native tells us in the interview clip below. "Like, when she's ready to make her point or statement? She gets it across...quick." Sounds almost like a compliment, and quite the opposite of how her other roomies have described her. But Marlon's ability to befriend the main source of house issues doesn't make him immune to all conflicts. "This season's gonna be different because there's drama with everybody," he says. Everybody? Even Daisy? Don't make us call the ASPCA!

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Photo: Ian Spanier