Derek Hale's 'Teen Wolf' Mom Is Sort Of Our Mom, Too


Alicia Coppola and Ana Walczak.

It's old news by now that Season 3 of "Teen Wolf" will dive deep into Derek Hale's past (ya know, before that halo of sadness and despair distorted his pretty little head), and, like you, we can't wait to find out how the Alpha came to be his brooding, angsty self. You just know some chick was involved.

Once word got out that Ian Nelson of "Hunger Games" would be playing young Derek, the Interwebz was abuzz with rumors about who else would round out the Hale family, and now you can take off your gossip cop hats, because the answers are in: Alicia Coppola, who began her career in 1989 as a host of MTV's "REMOTE CONTROL" game show (holy crap, we're related! Could you just die???) and newcomer Ana Walczak have been cast as Derek's mom, Talia, and sister, Laura, respectively. We can't quite make out the resemblance just yet, but we're sure it's nothing a little facial hair and pointy prosthetic ears can't fix.

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