Anderson Cooper Declines A Taste Of Snooki's Breast Milk


Anderson and Snooki get chummy in the "Live" photo booth.

Look, guys, nobody said drinking breast milk was easy. But it makes babies grow big and strong, so what's the harm in a little taste test between consenting adults? You might want to ask Anderson Cooper. Snooki & JWOWW sure tried their hardest to make the CNN host take a swig of Lorenzo's reserves when they co-hosted "Anderson Live" this afternoon, but the silver fox just wouldn't budge.

When Nicole pulled out some shot glasses filled to the brim, Anderson grimaced as she and her BFF tried to coax him into digging in -- just like they did on last night's episode. Lucky for Cooper, a selfless stagehand came to his rescue, knocking back the milk like a pro so the bossman wouldn't have to. The whole thing was a joke, of course, and Nicole eventually admitted it was simply almond milk, but don't think for a second she and Jenni faked it during their own show!

In our "Snooki & JWOWW Tea Time" clip below, the ladies reflect on their bonding experience. "I thought it was, like, sour and warm," Snooki laments of her own lactate. Jenni agrees, but not before pointing out that her friend's poor shooting skills might have added to the pain. "You swished it! You f**kin' mouthwashed that s**t."

+ Check out the clip, and tell us if you'd ever, in a million years, consider drinking your own breast milk!

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