'Real World' Spy Cam: Jess And Averey Celebrate Their Successful Four-Block Run

"Real World: Portland" is just around the corner, but you don't have to wait until the March 27th premiere to get acquainted with the new cast. Remote Control was granted exclusive access to the house Confessional during the eight strangers' stay in the Northwest, and we'll be rolling out choice video sneaks every Wednesday and Friday for your viewing pleasure. Check out the latest Spy Cam clip below!

You think benching the better part of a weight rack makes you a tough guy? You're nothing but a chump compared to workout queens Jessica and Averey, who struggle to catch their breath in the "Real World" Spy Cam clip below. But what exercise could have left them so sweaty?

"Jess and I just ran a block and a half, basically," Averey tells the Confessional camera. So much for that dry northwest air aiding endurance. Jessica, not selling them short, clarifies that it was actually "two [blocks] up and two over." Oh, well in that case, uh...bravo?

"Seriously, I thought my lungs were gonna explode," Jessica continues as she starts to marvel at her biceps. Unless she made the trek on her hands, we fail to see how the two correlate, but more power to ya, J. Keep up with your regimen and soon there will be no pose that dissatisfies you.

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