'Girl Meets World' Started Shooting Today! [Photos]


Teo Halm snapped this candid backstage. Cute name tags!

You may want to sit down, because filming for one of the most highly anticipated spin-off series of our time has begun! "Girl Meets World" started shooting earlier today, and the concept of Cory and Topanga as parents is finally coming to fruition. Are you hyperventilating yet?

This morning, Ben Savage tweeted "Almost showtime," along with a photo of the set (below), which bears a striking resemblance to Feeny's old stomping grounds. After some thought, we're putting our money on this set being one of two scenarios: It could be Cory's new classroom (it was revealed Mr. Matthews will take after his role model on the show) or it might be a separate school that BFFs Riley and Maya attend, where they'll undoubtedly get into all sorts of shenanigans, just like their male predecessors, Cory and Shawn.

We've only just scratched the surface of what "GMW" will look like, but the Twitter-happy cast will surely be snapping lots more shots as filming continues. For now, you can tune in to "Boy Meets World" reruns on "Old School Afternoons" every day on MTV2!


It may not be Feeny's classroom, but we will take it.

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Photos: @TeoHalm and @BenSavage