Help 'Jersey Shore,' 'Real World' And Other MTV Shows Score A W In ESPN's Reality Bracket


Forget about how your favorite one seed will do during March Madness, the only competition you should be worried about this month is whether MTV will dominate ESPN's new Reality Bracket, as God and Nielsen ratings intended. Thirty-two shows started the competition, and it's up to you to make sure that the six remaining MTV series do some damage, especially to the likes of that Deena Cortese-ignoring "Dancing With The Stars." Pfft.

Now that Round 2 of the tournament is underway, and only 16 shows remain, the competition is getting intense. Plus, brother is pitted against brother, as "Punk'd" and "Jackass" are squaring off in the Bad Boy Region. Still, "Real World," "Jersey Shore" and "The Osbournes" could make it to the semi-finals in tandem in the other three divisions ("Cake Boss" and "Dirty Jobs" don't stand a chance!), and an exclusively MTV Final Four sounds like one hell of a showdown to us. Let the games begin.

Check out the full list, and be sure to vote during each round until April 8, when the winner will be crowned!

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Photo: Matthias Clamer