Vote For The Most Shocking 'Real World' Moment Ever Before 'Portland' Premieres!


When moving to a new city to live with a group of complete strangers, a few curve balls are to be expected; however, some of the moments we've witnessed throughout "Real World"'s over 20-year run have been absolutely electrifying. Beginning with Kevin and Julie's New York City screaming match in 1992, we knew we were in for some surprises, but we had no idea just how many bat-s**t crazy moments would eventually accumulate.

As "Real World" enters Season 28 next week, we -- with the help of Randy from "San Diego" -- decided to comb through the vault to give you some of the instances that shot your jaw down to the floor. In the "Shocking Surprises and Secrets" playlist below, you'll find five moments throughout the series' run that left viewers stunned: from arrests, to porn star pasts, to the slap heard 'round the world. They were unbelievable then, and they're still unreal now.

Check out all of the moments, vote for which one you think stands above the rest (or add your own in the comments!) and tune in to the "RetroMTV: Real World" marathon starting Friday night at 8/7c, running through Sunday, featuring the first "New York," "San Francisco" and "Las Vegas" seasons! Then, catch the premiere of "Real World: Portland" on March 27 at 10/9c!

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