Snooki Reveals Slight Obsession With Johanna From 'Real World: Austin' [Video]


Ever wondered what "Jersey Shore" would have been like without Snooki? Would the show have been so successful? Would Anderson Cooper have ever gotten the opportunity to drink breast milk? Even hypothesizing puts a pouf-sized lump in our throats, especially because the iconic guidette came thisclose to being a blurred-out face at Karma, sipping Long Island Ice Teas in the background as Sitch, Pauly D and the rest of the cool kids lived it up on camera. And...she would have never met her Seaside hookup-turned-fiancée, Jionni!

Long before Nicole Polizzi was cast for MTV's hit series, she considered auditioning for a more established show: "Real World." "I made a 'Real World' tape, and it was kinda lame...I actually watched it two months ago and it was so boring," she says in the sneak peek below of our "RetroMTV" marathon, which will feature full seasons of New York, San Fran and Las Vegas all weekend long. Take a look:

Sure, our darling dumpling would have made a splash in whichever city she was placed, but with likely no other guidettes in the mix, and no boardwalk on which to cartwheel under the influence, dear Snooks may have been unfairly judged by the different walks of life sharing the house. Plus, the idea of a lone meatball being stuck in a place like Denver is truly depressing.

Interesting enough, it was one "Real World" cast member in particular who inspired Snooki to be on TV: Johanna from "Real World: Austin." "She was my idol, and I looked up to her, actually," she says in the clip below. "Johanna is the one that made me wanna be on reality, so she caused all this mess." Check it out:

A little insider gossip: Nicole also shared that after she'd become a bonafide star, she finally got to meet the object of her obsession in person; however, when she tried texting Johanna later on to get together, the eager beaver never heard back. "She must've given me a wrong number," she said with a defeated frown.

This story didn't sit well with us -- who wouldn't want to brunch with Snooki??? -- and our personal idol happens to be Angela Landsbury, so we reached out to Johanna earlier in the week to get to the bottom of this curious blow-off. As we suspected, the whole thing was a miscommunication, and Johanna passed along this message to clear things up:


Hello, again. Word from our MTV parents is that you had an interview where you revealed I “inspired” you to audition for the "Real World" (totally flattered) and when we met, I blew you off =(  So sad you think that, def not my intention.

I wanted to set the record straight -- I never got any texts from you or gave you a fake number! That would be silly. Let's hang out soon.

xx Johanna

Mystery solved! We're rather proud of ourselves for cracking the case. How's about you send us a cookie, then tune in for the "RetroMTV" marathon this weekend to hear more from Snooki and other celebs about their favorite "Real World" memories.

Photos: Matthias Clamor/Brian Appio

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