Andrew Jenks Says A Regular Ol' Handshake Goes A Long Way In His 'World' [Video]


As "World Of Jenks" starts hitting its stride this season, Andrew Jenks is getting a real sense of the unique struggles D-Real, Chad and Kaylin have endured, particularly over the last year. D-Real's mother has opened up about the violent death of her other son, Kailyn's describing the agony of cancer in greater detail every day and Chad is not holding back any of his graduation anxiety. But when Jenks first meets his subjects face-to-face, the filmmaker says he makes a conscious effort to greet them like he would anyone else -- it would be wrong to do otherwise, he explains in the interview clip below.

"I think if I approached it like, 'Let's talk about this immediately,' that's how you...lose their trust," he says. "Who wants to be defined by one thing?" Jenks admits that he's "always afraid" when entering a new environment, but finding common ground with every person he documents not only puts them at ease, it also helps to quell his own fears. So whether he's meeting a baseball manager or a student, it all comes down to simply shaking their hand and saying, "What's up?"

+ Check out the video, and stay tuned for more of Andrew Jenks' exclusive interview with Remote Control.

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