Mac Miller's Pittsburgh Plans Include Climbing Mountains And Braiding His Hair [Bonus Scene]


It's Spring Break, and while most college coeds are headed home to hang with their high school buds at the local watering hole, Mac Miller's return to PA is anything but the norm. When the 21-year-old rapper prepares to leave the Hollywood Hills for Pittsburgh in this "Mac Miller And The Most Dope Family" bonus scene, he lets his imagination run wild.

"What's the first thing on the list? Top priority," Quentin asks Mac of his upcoming plans. A laundry list of varied activities are included: "I want to play kickball. Read. Dance. Play violin. Climb mountains and sing the songs that I like to sing." Who knew there was so much to do in the 'burgh?

"Alright..." Q responds with a nod and longing stare as Mac continues to ramble. Quentin must have missed his pal's "I Heard Diddy" rant -- now that went on and on and on...

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