Check Out The Official Video For Pauly D And Jay Sean's 'Back To Love'


Sexy models, Remix Cocktails and...Google Glass? Yup, these are the most crucial ingredients you need when making a music least when you're Pauly D and Jay Sean! The wait for their official "Back to Love" vid is over, and this morning, Pauly tweeted news of the premiere with "#BackToLove Video Is Live !!!!!" We don't think five exclamation points cover our excitement for the club jam, frankly. More, please!!!!!!!!!

The story for "Back to Love" is definitely in line with what we'd imagine real life is like for the two playboys, as Jay Sean croons his way into the heart of a technologically advanced model during a runway show. Pauly D looks positively giddy surrounded by the supermodels (as he probably does during every fashion show he's invited to), but gets super serious when he puts his DJ hat on to spin with his trademark bejeweled Italian flag laptop in tow. Hey, he might love the ladies, but the man knows when to get to work.

+ Check it out and let us know what you think of Pauly D and Jay Sean's new music video!

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Photo courtesy of Pauly D's Instagram.