Major MTV Marriage Proposals That Made Us Swoon [Video]


Nope. Doesn't take much for us Remote Control bloggers to "BAWWWWHH!!!" at the ol' boob tube (or cry into our bowl of Cap'n Crunch Berries...depending on who's single and who's in lurve, of course). Be it a flaming confession of lust in the backwoods of West Virginia or a first-time sexcapade in a stank minivan strewn with rose petals, MTV's had its fair share of majorly romantic gestures, especially when it comes to proposing happily-ever-afters.

We brought you the biggest, baddest breakups in MTV history, and now let's take a look back at the network's most romantical marriage proposals, inspired by last week's very emotional "Snooki & JWOWW." Side note: We can proudly say that no one has popped the question using the Shirt Under The Shirt...yet.

Free Fallin' Into Forever

After watching her BFF get engaged and birth a mini-meatball in less than a year, JWOWW's own future love life looked bleak. If Roger wasn't begging to get it in, the couple was bickering about everything under the Jersey sun. Alas, despite their infrequent use of the Smush Room, we were always rooting for these two. After getting our hopes up with a HUGE F**KING PINK LIMO, followed by a very empty slice of cheesecake, we mentally berated Roger for acting like a giant gorilla dimwit. Don't tease us so! That is, until Jenni "I hate heights" Farley jumped out of an airplane and into the arms of her boyfriend, and put on her shiny new diamond ring. That's the way it's done. Guys, are you taking notes?

The First Of Many Speidi Proposals

OK, so Spencer Pratt proposed to Heidi Montag several times on "The Hills" (there was the beach, the Ferris wheel, the tequila...), but it's their first one we'll always remember. Aside from the fact that Spence had no idea which finger the ring went on, we swore the volatile dude sounded semi-sincere about spending his future with "the love of his life." And we (almost) smiled when Heidi got choked up while placing the ring on her own left hand. Of course, that was before the paparazzi-obsessed couple blew all their dough on plastic surgery, healing crystals and the-apocalypse-that-never-happened.

Breakfast (And A Ring!) In Bed

We've never questioned Jeremy's commitment to Leah on "Teen Mom 2," even when the mother of twin girls temporarily called off their engagement. Good thing Leah finally came around, because it's not every day your man brings you burnt crisp bacon, pancakes and a very sweet proposal in bed.

A Puerto Rican Proposal

When Biggie from "The Pauly D Project" isn't busy managing the star DJ's gigs and getting his nose hairs waxed, he's pretty much being the best boyfriend-now-fiancé ever. When Papa Bear proposed to his longtime girlfriend Mary Jane on a Puerto Rican beach, his eyes welled up. And her eyes welled up. And then we were sobbing into our Cracker Jacks.


Central Park Sparks Romance

After meeting during "The Real World: Austin" in 2005, Danny and Melinda faced more than most couples encounter in a lifetime -- death, a serious injury and being filmed for a hit TV show. Danny later proposed in Central Park just before the Austin reunion, leaving Melinda crying tears of pure happiness. When other folks cry, we cry, OK?! Don't judge. We also cried when Danny and Melinda later divorced. Sigh.

+ Did we miss any epic engagements? Set us straight in the comments, or add to our being-single-sucks sob-fest with your own proposal story.

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