Hot-head Jordan Will Be A Force To Be Reckoned With On 'Real World: Portland' [Video]


You've already met Hurricane Nia from the upcoming "Real World: Portland," but when the show premieres next week, you'll get to know her main source of stress, Jordan. The hyper-competitive, hard-headed housemate from Oklahoma City tells you what you can expect from Season 28 in the interview below, and if there's a single theme running through it, it's that friends can be ruthless one day and enemies the next.

"He's like the one that never gives up," Joi says of Jordan, after alluding to the fact that the cast will see a huge blowup before their second week in Oregon. "[He's] Mister Last Word," she explains of his stubborn attitude. Jordan claims that the root of it all is his discord with Nia, who, in his mind, is up to no good. "She's conniving, spiteful...," he says before Joi cuts him off. "Remember what I said about that last word?" she jokes.

+ Check out the clips below, and don't miss the "Real World: Portland" premiere on March 27 at 10/9c!

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Photo: Ian Spanier