That's What You Said... About Roger's Skydiving Proposal To JWOWW

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After much anticipation, we finally saw Roger propose to Jenni on Tuesday's "Snooki & JWOWW," and though it may be at the permanent expense of his sex life, the big ol' gorilla had never looked so happy. The wait was worth it! Well, maybe not to Jenni -- she probably could have done without the whole skydiving thing.

A day that started out with terror turned into the most breathtaking (literally!) engagement stunt we'd ever witnessed. After coercing his girlfriend to jump out of a plane -- despite her debilitating nausea -- Roger rewarded her with pink diamonds, tighty whities and an early bedtime. Ah, true romance!

Fans who have been championing the couple since they first started dating were naturally thrilled for them. Take a look at what some had to say about the engagement on Facebook, and tell us what you thought of Roger's extreme proposal.

"He was so romantic! I got teary when he proposed to her. They are such a cute couple." -- Sonia A.

"I just am starting to calm down after Roger's near nude exposure -- damn he is hot!" -- Shauna U.

"I cried when he proposed and died laughing when he fell asleep haha." -- Candace H.

"I like her facial expression when she walks in on him when he's laying on the floor LMFAO." -- Sherry H.

"This was the best episode of all. Roger is dreamy -- nice catch JWOWW!" -- Kelly D.

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