'Real World' Spy Cam: Jessica May Not Ever Be Ready For Her Close-up

"Real World: Portland" is just around the corner, but you don't have to wait until the March 27th premiere to get acquainted with the new cast. Remote Control was granted exclusive access to the house Confessional during the eight strangers' stay in the Northwest, and we'll be rolling out choice video sneaks every Wednesday and Friday for your viewing pleasure. Check out the latest Spy Cam clip below!

Heard of being picture-perfect? Judging by Jessica's fidgeting in the Spy Cam clip below, such a thing is completely unachievable. No matter how hard she tries to settle her boobs or exact her hair's placement over her shoulders, there's no look suitable enough. If this keeps up, we'll never find out the latest lunchtime drama...

"The first thirty seconds of my Confessionals are pretty much a waste," Jessica says in perhaps the most poignant observation of all time. Then, when it seems like all hope for Portland intel is lost, a final swing of the tresses leaves her satisfied. Her long-awaited confession: "We went to the beach today and it was a lot of fun."

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