5 Reasons 'Teen Mom 2''s Aubree Should Be A Kid Model [Photos]


Aubree's ready for her close up, Mr. DeMille. 

We've been contemplating the "Teen Mom" tots' futures for a little while now, and while Aubree's vegetarian tendencies definitely show how her personality is forming, her camera-ready face and the uber-cute shots Chelsea's always posting to her social media pages make us think Aubs has all the makings of a kid model. Couldn't you just see her covering the J. Crew Crewcuts catalog? For your consideration, we present five concrete examples of Aubree's natural modeling ability. Someone call Tyra!


Hand on hip is an instant classic.

She can pose. If you've ever watched an episode of "America's Next Top Model," you know that next to smizing, posing is the most important skill any model needs to master. A bad pose can ruin a career before it even gets off the ground, and a good one can launch a model into super stardom. If you take the above photo as an example of Aubree's posing style, we think you'll see that at only 3-years-old, she's an old pro.


Aubs and Darla: BFFAE.

She's good with animals. When you're a model, directors might ask you to do some crazy stuff -- like wear a snake around your neck or ride a camel in the desert. And not only does a model have to be able to handle these insane situations -- they have to look good doing it. It's no secret that Aubree is at one with the animal kingdom, and the above pic with her doggie pal, Darla, proves that she can give her best face while werking a living prop.


Modeling for the greater good!

She has experience. Chelsea and Aubree lent their beautiful faces to a good cause, posing for the NOH8 campaign earlier this year. And this ain't no Sears photo shoot -- a number of mega celebrities (including our own JWOWW!) have taken time out of their busy lives to pose for the campaign. The fact that little Aubree was able to turn out an incredible shot for such a high-profile campaign is proof of Aubs' professionalism. She's grown up around cameras, after all...


There's no question as to what emotion this is: pure happiness!

She can emote like nobody's business. One thing that makes Aubree a "Teen Mom 2" fan fave is her expressive nature. Whether she's happy, sad, curious or bouncing off the walls, she makes it known. Every model needs to be able to convey every emotion under the sun, and to Aubs, it just comes naturally.


Aubree keeping up with the trends and rocking a sock bun.

Chelsea's a built-in stylist! In this case, mother certainly knows best. The fact that Chelsea is in school to become a professional hair stylist just makes it that much easier for Aubree to get all done up right at home. Plus, Chelsea's well aware of what's age appropriate and totally adorable. Case in point? The sock bun she gave Aubree earlier this week. As long as Chels doesn't get all "Dance Moms," we think they'd make an epic mommy/daughter tag team!

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Photos courtesy of Chelsea Houska's Instagram