Five Sweet Things Ronnie Can Do For Sammi On Her 26th Birthday


SamRon in sync at "The X Factor" finale late last year.

Sammi and Ronnie's "Jersey Shore" relationship had a million ups and downs, but the pair have matured since their days at the beach and nights trying to make each other jealous in the club.

Today, on Sam's 26th birthday, Ron showed his main squeeze some love with flowers and cupcakes, but now that they're shacked up and inching toward a permanent commitment, we think Ron should step it up with a few more surprises. With six hours left to go, here are our suggestions:

Couples Tanning: If there's one thing that Sam and Ron's relationship has never lacked, it's heat. The pair could spend the night getting a pre-spring base together, or, at the very least, spray-tanning each other.

Dinner at Rivoli's: A good bottle of wine and a "Lady and the Tramp" moment can make a girl feel appreciated in ways that shots and a hot tub never will. So what if Ron's chronic tummy troubles end the night on a decidedly unromantic note? We hear Pepto makes a great chaser.

Getting the Gang Back Together: If there's anything that makes a party, it's a nice dose of nostalgia. Getting the whole Seaside Heights crew back in one place would be perfect. A little dinner, a little dancing...maybe even a game of Truth or Dare?

Throwing a Rager, DJed by Pauly D: Their former housemate's spinning career may be blowing up, but we're sure Pauly would take some time out to play for one of his best gal pals. Pauly's already signed on to DJ Snooki and JWOWW's weddings, and maybe, with just the right music at Sammi's birthday bash, he could could set the mood for Ronnie to put a ring on it. Speaking of which...

Proposing: By now, we've all seen Snooki's and JWOWW's sparklers, but Sammi's hand is still bare. If Ronnie wants to up his romance game, a birthday proposal is sure to do the trick. Don't worry, Ron, we doubt she's expecting 5 carats.

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Photo:  Jeffrey Mayer/Getty Images