Your 'Ridiculousness' Tweets: YOLOing Russians, Laughing Babies And More


We asked and you delivered. During last week's "Ridiculousness," you guys tweeted your silly hearts out trying to get your witticisms on air, and while the cream of the crop ran alongside Rob Dyrdek, embarrassing moms and pantless Russians throughout the show, the best of the rest need to be noted, too! In honor of our third live-tweetathon TONIGHT, we've highlighted more of our favorite fan one-liners from Episode 4 below -- check 'em out!

In Russia, the booze drinks you.

@EshaaaLachele: I hate the world YOLO, but Russians deserve the title. #RussianGoodTimes #ThaF*ck #Ridiculousness

You can never start too early. 

@ayebabymomma: My one year old is laughing his ass off watching #ridiculousness

Incest is not best.

@Paulina_Kett: I think Chanel and Rob should date. They'd be cute. #Ridiculousness

There's always time for Sideways 2: Electric Boogaloo.

@JarodKlucho Is it bad that I was half expecting to see myself on the sideways segment on#Ridiculousness?

Chanel's giggle makes a sweet alarm clock.

@Shmamuel: Rob dyrdek's #ridiculousness in the morning is a good wake up.

The competition keeps getting steeper, and it's time for round three! Tonight, starting at 9/8c, you'll get your chance to virtually join the gang again. Just like last week, use the hashtag #ridiculousness to comment on all the insane stuff being shown and your words could end up on screen! Grease those knuckles now, people!

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