Red-hot Tempers Get The Best Of These 'Ridiculous' Folks [Video]


Many of us have been so frustrated by video games (what? "World of Warcraft" is serious business) that we've fantasized about pummeling our opponents with controllers and keyboards, but on last night's "Ridiculousness," one player lived out many a gamer nerd's dream and actually did it. In honor of guest and UFC legend Dana White, Rob Dyrdek and his red couch crew stitched together the collection of clips below featuring people who struggle with temper tantrums, and it definitely ain't pretty. Have at it, anger management counselors.

In "Hot Heads," everyone from an amateur guitar player struggling with the right chords to a lecturer who craves silence passes the point of no return and goes medieval on their instigators' asses. Even a dog who's pissed off at letters making their way through a mail slot can't seem to hold in his aggression.You better believe Postman Joe won't be returning to that cul-de-sac anytime soon! Better look into P.O. boxes, friends.

Bite your lip, clench your fists and let out some of that built-up animus while you watch the video.

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