Meet Nia, The Hurricane Of Drama Hitting 'Real World: Portland' This Season [Video]


It wouldn't be a season of "Real World" without at least one no-holds-barred, battle-ready housemate, and we have Nia and Jordan to thank for bringing a heaping spoonful of dramz to the table this time around. We don't want to call it too early, but the fight these two get into (see video below) could potentially dethrone "Real World: Seattle"'s slap heard 'round the world. Is that a LAMP she's shaking in his face?

"I was very optimistic, I saw the good in every single person that walked in here," Nia said in a recent interview (see other video below) about her first impressions of the housemates. And then alcohol entered the arena, and all open-mindedness went to hell. "True feelings, true words, [true] character came out, and now I have a better understanding of who people are...Jordan, JORDAN." We'll take that as a sign their blowup is only the tip of the iceberg.

Check out the clips, and make sure you tune in for Nia and Jordan's smackdown during the new season of "Real World," premiering March 27 at 10/9c!

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Photo: Ian Spanier